Pipeline of Platform Technologies

Consumers are continuously searching for novel, satisfactory, safe and effective alternatives. With the growing interest in natural-based molecules and a better understanding of the skin microbiome and the beneficial aspects to skin health, TopgeniX offers refreshing alternatives to the skin care market.

We offer a variety of pathways to incorporate the TopgeniX technologies into topical products:


Corporate Overview

TopgeniX is a bio-tech company focusing on developing and commercializing state of the art sun protection and skin health.

Skin Heath Technology


Posible Program/ Indications



Novel natural-based compounds  for sun protection topical  formulations in combination

 Cosmetics/ preclinical/  Non-regulated and  regulated Active ingredients
 The use of skin microbiome for  UV  protection


Preclinical/ Non-regulated  and regulated Active  ingredients



Platform technology for enduring  application of natural compounds  by skin microbiome

 Regulated Active  ingredients